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Eneuresis Definition

Eneuresis, or enuresis, is a childhood disorder in which the child urinates while asleep. This is one of the pediatric issues common even today.

Eneuresis Diagnosis

Enuresis can be diagnosed based on the symptoms given by the patient.

Eneuresis Treatment

Treatment is done by physical and behavioral management. Diapers are used to keep protect the child from getting wet when he urinates during his sleep, while behavioral training is done by the family to help the child practice waking up in the middle of night to urinate.

Eneuresis Symptoms and Signs

The main characteristic of enuresis is the involuntary urinating of the child during his sleep. Enuresis has two kinds: primary and secondary bedwetting. Primary bedwetting is when the child wets his bed while asleep and stays dry after he is cleaned up. Secondary bedwetting meanwhile is when the person wets his bed twice; first during his sleep, and the second after he was dried up.

Eneuresis Causes
Enuresis is a disorder in which a hormone that is supposed to develop physiological changes in one's involuntary urination malfunctions. That hormone was not able to reduce urine production during the child's sleep; at the same time it wasn't able to alert the child's senses when he's about to urinate.

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