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Enetophobia Definition

Enetophobia is described as "a persistent, unwarranted, and abnormal fear of pins." Every year this very common phobia or fear causes so many people distress of being needless. To make things worst for such very distressing condition, most therapies usually take months or even years which at times will even require the person frequent and countless exposure to his fear. It is believed that the procedure is not only unnecessary, it also often worsen the condition. It is really cruel the fear can be eliminated with just 24 hours of commitment provided the right method is done to the patient.

Enetophobia Treatment

There are different treatments administered for the enetpphobic patient. It may include any or a combination of any of the following : Local anesthetic injections, Ethyl Chloride Spray (and other freezing agents), Topical Anesthetic Creams, Jet Injectors, Iontophoresis, Behavioral Therapy , Laughing Gas, Inhalation General Anesthesia

Enetophobia Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms of Enetophobia usually includes rapid breathing, sweating, shortness of breath, often irregular heartbeat, nausea, and an overall feeling of being dread. Symptoms may also vary as everyone has enetophobia in their very own way which may entail different symptoms.

Enetophobia Causes

Like all other fears or phobias, enetophobia is cuased by the unconscious mind as a way of protection. It can be that there was an event in ones past linking pins to an emotional trauma. However the condition may also be caused by a myriad, benign events still envolving pins like the movies tha you watch, TV, or can be that one saw other person who is experiencing trauma. As long as the negative event associating the fear is very powerful and influential enough, the mind unconciously thinks that the whole thing will bring danger to him and reaching a point of thinking of how to keep himself from getting in that kind of situation. So just like that this problem is born. Enetophobia occurse when one attach emotions to the situations is often the way that people learn.

Enetophobia by state

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