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Encopresis Definition

Encopresis is the voluntary or involuntary passage of stools in children over age 4. This occurs when a child resists having bowel movements, causing impacted tool to collect in the colon and rectum. Liquid stool can leak around the impacted stool then out of the anus, which causes the soiling of the underwear. The condition is also called stool holding.

Encopresis Diagnosis

Fecal impaction may be seen thru digital examination of the rectal area while an abdominal x-ray may confirm the presence of impacted stool in the colon.

Encopresis Treatment

Preventing constipation and encouraging good bowel habits are the primary goals of treating encompresis. Removing fecal impacts with the use of laxatives and sometimes enemas are the common procedures but stool softeners are also often prescribed. Also recommended are high-fiber diets, which includes frits, vegetables, whole grain products, and adequate fluid intake. The regimen will promote the passage of softer stools and minimize the discomfort associated with bowel movements. Giving the child flavored mineral oil would also allow oil to leak from the rectum. This treatment is not recommended long term because of interference with calcium and vitamin D absorption. Psychiatric evaluation may help identify the underlying cause of the condition in the absence of constipation. Children suffering from encopresis may also undergo psychotherapy to help them deal with the shame, guilt, or loss of self-esteem associated with the condition.

Encopresis Symptoms and Signs

Signs and symptoms of encopresis may include leakage of stool or liquid stool on your child's underwear when he or she isn't sick, constipation and dry, hard stool, passage of large stool that clogs or almost clogs the toilet, avoidance of bowel movements, lack of appetite, and abdominal pain.

Encopresis Causes
There are two causes cited to cause encopresis. The first one is constipation. Most cases of the condition are the result of constipation. The child's stool is hard, dry and may be painful to pass, making the child avoid going to the toilet. Second are emotional issues. Premature toilet may cause emotional stress to the child. Other triggers also include the divorce of parents or the birth of a sibling

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