Egg Hypersensitivity natural cures

Egg Hypersensitivity Definition

Egg Hypersensitivity is defined as the development of allergic reactions after ingestion of egg or other food that contains egg. It is believed that the albumin is the culprit behind the allergic reactions which may trigger a number of symptoms ranging from mild discomfort to serious ailments.

Egg Hypersensitivity Diagnosis

An allergy specialist would usually conduct a skin allergy test to determine the specific substances that a patient may have an allergic reaction to.

Egg Hypersensitivity Treatment

The general treatment of egg hypersensitivity is quite simple - general avoidance to egg and egg products. For patients with severe cases, it is often advised to come up with a diet plan and careful avoidance to the egg products. An ephinephrine shot may also be necessary to carry around just in case the patient suffers from a severe bout of allergic reactions.

Egg Hypersensitivity Symptoms and Signs

Among the known symptoms that is associated with the allergic reactions with egg hypersensitivity include rashes and itches, trouble in breathing, eczema, vomiting, nausea, runny nose, swelling around the oral cavity, red skin, abdominal cramps, watery eyes, asthma symptoms, and sneezing.

Egg Hypersensitivity Causes
Egg hypersensitivity is primarily triggered by the disorder of the immune system that tends to have a overreaction to the protein that in found in eggs. Hence, eggs may be regarded by the body as invaders, triggering the release of certain chemicals such as histamine to help fight of the so-called irritant.

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