Dystonia natural cures

Dystonia Definition

Dystonia is categorized as type of a neurological movement disorder characterized by sustained contractions of the muscle that causes some repetitive movements, twisting or abnormal postures. The type disorder may be genetic or may also be caused by some other factors such as physical trauma, birth-related, poisoning, infection or some sort of reaction to certain drugs.

Dystonia Diagnosis

A full physical examination is primarily conducted. A CT scan and MRI can also help significantly detect possible cause of brain defect or trauma. Blood examinations may be also done to check levels.

Dystonia Treatment

The treatment for dystonia is limited to the minimization of the symptoms that comes with this disorder. However, to date there is no successful treatment available to provide complete cure. Some popular forms of relief involve relaxation, moderate exercise and plenty of rest.

Dystonia Symptoms and Signs

Among the most common symptoms of dystonia includes poor posture and uncontrollable twitching and some repetitive actions that can hamper natural movements of the afflicted person.

Dystonia Causes
Dystonia may be caused by some central nervous system that may originate from some certain parts of the brain that is primary concerned with some motor functions. Another possible cause involves trauma and possible brain damage or chemical imbalance.

Dystonia by state

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