Dysrhythmias natural cures

Dysrhythmias Definition

Dysrhythmias are also known as tuberous sclerosis, which is categorized as a very rare form of genetic disease that causes growth of benign tumors in several parts of the body. The most common areas of growth include the brain, skin and kidneys.

Dysrhythmias Diagnosis

Diagnosis for this medical condition includes imaging tests such as MRI,EEG,CT scans and ultrasound. Eye and skin exams may also be conducted to rule out other forms of tumors. In cases where a child is afflicted with dysrhythmias,it is often advised that both parents also under diagnosis since this is a genetic problem.

Dysrhythmias Treatment

There is no available cure for dysrhythmias, although there are available treatment approaches to help manage the symptoms. This includes medications, educational therapy, occupational therapy and surgery.

Dysrhythmias Symptoms and Signs

Dysrhythmias are primarily characterized by growth of noncancerous tumors in some parts of the body. Among the most common symptoms include abnormalities of the skin such as the development of light-colored skin patches and facial lesions. For tumors in the brain, common symptoms can include seizures, learning disabilities, mental retardation and developmental delays.

Dysrhythmias Causes
Dysrhythmias are primarily caused by a genetic mutations in theTSC1 and TSC2 genes. In general, these genes prevent cells from growing too fast or develop in an uncontrolled manner.

Dysrhythmias by state

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