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Dyspraxia Definition

Dyspraxia is a condition characterized by the brain's inability to process information resulting in messages not being properly addressed or transmitted ; can greatly affect planning what to do and how to do it. The condition is also known as Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD), Motor Learning Difficulties, and Perceptuo-Motor Dysfunction. It was formerly termed as Clumsy Child Syndrome and Minimal Brain Damage.

Dyspraxia Diagnosis

Dyspraxic children appear no different from children who don't have the condition; this makes diagnosis of the condition difficult.

Dyspraxia Treatment

There is no available treatment to cure dyspraxia but there are approaches to help a dyspraxic deal with difficulties and improve performance in routine activities.

Dyspraxia Symptoms and Signs

Remarkable delay in reaching developmental milestones often resulting to inability to run, hop or jump; difficulty in going up and down the stairs, difficulty in dressing, immature and incomprehensible speech resulting to impaired or delayed language development is often seen in children with dyspraxia. Difficulty in remembering and following instructions and poor handwriting are also symptoms of the condition. Adults with dyspraxia have difficulty in performing routine daily tasks like personal grooming and household chores.

Dyspraxia Causes
Impaired development of cells during the fetal stage can cause dyspraxia. Any kind of injury to the brain may cause dyspraxia including lack of oxygen during birth or brain damage caused by illness, stroke or any accident.

Dyspraxia by state

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