dysplastic nevus syndrome natural cures

dysplastic nevus syndrome Definition

A dysplastic nevus syndrome is characterized as an atypical mole that usually stands out from the ordinary moles, with some indistinct borders and larger than any common mole. The color of these moles also varies from dark brown to pink, and are usually flat. Dysplastic nevus grows in any surface of the skin but has been found to more common on men's trunk and women's calves.

dysplastic nevus syndrome Diagnosis

In general, some imaging studies on the affected areas are not necessary. Dermoscopy can be used to properly evaluate some pigmented lesions

dysplastic nevus syndrome Treatment

Part of the treatment for dysplastic nevus is the general avoidance to direct sun exposure as well as the application of sunscreen from factor 30 or even higher. Surgical procedures may be also conducted to eliminate the possibility of melanoma development.

dysplastic nevus syndrome Symptoms and Signs

The moles appear larger than normal that appear like pigmented lesions and typically measuring 8-15 in diameter. The moles usually grow more frequently on the scalp, breast, buttocks, and chest.

dysplastic nevus syndrome Causes
Dysplastic nevus syndrome can be inherited or usually appear sporadically. Medical experts believe that constant exposure can play a significant part, although there are some cases where the moles appear on sun-protected areas of the skin. Patients with dysplastic nevus have a considerably high chances of developing melanoma.

dysplastic nevus syndrome by state

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