Dysplastic Nevi natural cures

Dysplastic Nevi Definition

Dysplastic nevi also called Clark's nevi and atypical moles are moles that are regarded as precancerous moles and have the tendency to turn into melanoma instead of regular moles. They are generally larger, irregular and have differences in color that may range from pink to dark brown; flat with some areas elevated above the surface of the skin.

Dysplastic Nevi Diagnosis

Dermoscope is an instrument that has the ability to magnify the internal structures of a nevus and can be utilized for diagnosis.

Dysplastic Nevi Treatment

Doctors destroy abnormal cells by freezing the skin with nitrogen in liquid form. Radiation therapy can gradually remove the mole by shrinking the size of the mole until total elimination is achieved. Microscopic evaluation is often carried out to remove atypical moles with distinct appearance and suspicious changes presented. The use of prescription cream to remove the dysplastic nevi is another treatment option for these skin growths.

Dysplastic Nevi Symptoms and Signs

Dysplastic nevi can appear in different areas of the body; both in sun-exposed and sun-protected portions of the body usually presenting some of the following symptoms: acute pain characterized by pricking or burning sensation, presence of moles with irregular and jagged borders that are dry, rough to the touch, and sensitive, which are usually pink, brown, tan or the same color to the skin.

Dysplastic Nevi Causes
These atypical moles are acquired usually appearing during adolescence. There are cases wherein inheritance is linked to the development of these moles.

Dysplastic Nevi by state

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