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Dysparenia Definition

Dysparenia is the medical term to refer to painful intercourse that is mostly experienced by women. This is characterized by a recurrent pain in the genitals that is often persistent.

Dysparenia Diagnosis

Diagnosis is mostly base on interview of patients on their symptoms. Other medical evaluation may include a thorough interview of the medical history, pelvic examination, and other medical exams to further determine as well eliminate other possible causes.

Dysparenia Treatment

Treatments for this problem includes altering hygiene habits such as changing the soap that may zap the natural lubrication of the genitals, counseling on sexual techniques, enhancing communication between partners as well as the use of lubricants.

Dysparenia Symptoms and Signs

Medical researchers estimate that there are roughly about 60 percent of women who experience such episodes of genital pain. This occurs before, after and during intercourse. Symptoms include pain with every penetration, superficial pain, deep pain and burning pain.

Dysparenia Causes
The causes of dysparenia may vary depending on the location of the pain. Underlying cause may include inadequate lubrication, irritation, injury or trauma, an inflammation or skin disorder, reaction to birth control products and vaginusmus. For women who experience deep pain., this may be due to infections and possible underlying illnesses.

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