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Dysostosis Definition

Dysostosis is the disorder that has something to do with the bone's development. In definition, it is defective formation of the bone, whether individual bones or collective ones.

Dysostosis Diagnosis

Since dysostosis os hereditary, knowing the medical history of the family is crucial in making the right diagnosis. Also, x-rays can show the following: undergrowth of scapula and clavicle, and the tendency of the body's pubic symphysis to close.

Dysostosis Treatment

So far, science has not come up with a specific treatment method for the problems of the bones development. However, oral surgeons can be made to check the patients' teeth regularly, while ontologists can take care of the hearing problems.

Dysostosis Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms associated with dysostosis include loose joints, incomplete or the absence of collar bone, the ability to grasp the shoulders together infront of one's body, short fingers, short forearms, low nasal bridge, frontal bossing, and tooth problems.

Dysostosis Causes
Dysostosis is passed on via a pattern that is autosomal dominant. This means that if one parent is suffering from the condition, each child has a 50% likelihood of developing the disorder. Dysostosis is also congenital, that is, the condition is already present since birth. It has been found out to affect both genders equally.

Dysostosis by state

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