Dysmotility natural cures

Dysmotility Definition

Dysmotility is a term used to describe gastrointestinal problems wherein the muscles do not function normally. Such diseases that result to dysmotility are gastroparesis, as well as intestinal obstruction.

Dysmotility Diagnosis

Dysmotility can be diagnosed based on the symptoms disclosed by the patient.

Dysmotility Treatment

The syndrome can be reduced by treating the underlying cause of pain and discomfort. Medications such as cisparide help reduce pain in mild cases of dysmotility.

Dysmotility Symptoms and Signs

People who suffer from dysmotility experience abdominal pain. The food doesn't pass through the stomach and the intestines too. The nerves in the gastrointestinal tract do not function properly as well.

Dysmotility Causes
Dysmotility is caused by various underlying diseases that affect the gastrointestinal tract.

Dysmotility by state

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