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Dyshidrosis Definition

Dyshidrosis, is also known by another medical term called dyshidrotic eczema or pompholyx. This is characterized by a skin condition where there is a development of small, fluid-filled blisters that usually occur on the palms of the hands or the soles the feet, or even both.

Dyshidrosis Diagnosis

In most cases, doctors can diagnose dyshidrosis based on a physical exam. A skin biopsy may also be conducted to confirm the diagnosis as well as rule out other forms of skin problems.

Dyshidrosis Treatment

Treatment dyshidrosis may include the administration of corticosteroid creams, antihistamines, compresses to relieve the pain and blisters. In such treatments do not provide any improvement, doctors would usually recommend ultraviolet therapy.

Dyshidrosis Symptoms and Signs

Dyshidrosis is marked by small and often very itchy bumps. These growths would gradually progress to form rashes filed with fluid. Other symptoms may include cracks of fissures on the toes and fingers, pain, especially with the development of large blisters and intense itching.

Dyshidrosis Causes
The underlying cause of dyshidrosis still remains unknown. However, in most cases it often associated with other skin conditions such as atopic dermatitis and other forms of allergic reactions. These blisters would usually last for a few weeks or so.

Dyshidrosis by state

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