Dysgraphia natural cures

Dysgraphia Definition

Dysgraphia generally refers to extreme difficulty in handwriting. The condition is defined as a learning disability as a result of difficulty in expressing thoughts in writing and graphing.

Dysgraphia Diagnosis

Writing self-generated sentences and paragraphs and copying texts appropriate to age can help the examiner to assess not only the completed work but also the process in how it was done to arrive at the diagnosis of dysgraphia.

Dysgraphia Treatment

Muscle training and teaching good writing techniques are essential part of early training with the aim to treat dysgraphia. There are exercise that can help increase strength and dexterity usually recommended by a specialist.

Dysgraphia Symptoms and Signs

Strong ability in verbal skills but intensely poor skills in writing characterized by generally illegible writing; disordered numbering and reversing written numbers; inconsistent and unfinished words, numbers or letters; unusual grip in holding the writing instrument usually holding thumb over 2 fingers and writing from the wrist; talking to self when writing and unmindful on the lines and margins of paper are some of the common symptoms manifested by an individual with dysgraphia.

Dysgraphia Causes
Lack in fine motor coordination to produce legible handwriting, inability to re-visualize letters and numbers, and inability to remember the motor patterns of letter forms are the combining causes of dysgraphia.

Dysgraphia by state

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