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Dwarfism Definition

Dwarfism is a medical condition that refers to a condition of extremely small stature of an effected animal or even plant. Any known type of the marked human smallness is typically regarded as dwarfism in the much older, popular as well as the medical usage. The term as actually related to human beings that are often used to refer specifically to such forms of extreme shortness that is characterized by disproportionate body parts, which is believed to be typically due to a genetic disorder of the bone or cartilage development.

Dwarfism Diagnosis

During a child's development, the unusual shortnessr of stature brings medical attention to the child. Skeletal dysplasia, the underlying cause of "dwarfism" is usually suspected due to the obvious physical features (e.g., unusual structure of the patient's face or the unique shape of skull, may arise from the obviously afflicted parent, or because body measurements such as the arm spa along with the upper to lower segment ratio that would indicate disproportion. Bone x-rays are known to be the okey to diagnosis of a specific form of skeletal dysplasia, but they are not the key diagnosis. Majority of children with the suspected skeletal dysplasias are asked to be referred to a qualified genetics clinic for further and more extensive diagnostic confirmation as well as genetic counseling. In the past decade, genetic testings to detect some of the medical disorders have become readily available. During the initial evaluation for shortness of stature, the absence of disproportion along with other clues mentioned above usually indicate other underlying causes than bone dysplasias. Extreme shortness of stature along with complete normal proportions are sometimes indicative of growth hormone deficiency or what is known as pituitary dwarfism. Short stature alone, in view of the absence of any other type of abnormalities, may simply be brought about by genetic, particularly if a person is born into a family of people who are relatively short.

Dwarfism Treatment

Therapeutic interventions are typical solutions to prevent or reduce any form of physical dwarfism. It is also applied to increase adult height and provide some solutions to psychosocial problems and provide adaptation. In some cases, braces or other orthotic devices and even surgical procedures are adapted. Simplest intervention is through dress enhancement like shoe or hairstyle. The most effective means of increasing adult height by several inches is limb-lengthening surgery, though not availabile in many countries and cost is high in terms of dollars and can cause discomfort.

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