Dupuytren's contracture natural cures

Dupuytren's contracture Definition

Dupuytren's contracture is characterized of a fixed flexion contracture of the person's limbs where the fingers tend to bend towards the base of the palm and cannot be fully extended or straightened naturally. It disorder is named in honor of a particular surgeon named Baron Guillaume Dupuytren, who was the first to define a surgical operation to correct the said affliction.

Dupuytren's contracture Treatment

Surgery is suggested in cases where severe contracture needs to be removed. Radiation therapy is applicable in early stages and inhibits contracture development. Where relief is needed, Triamcinolone(kenolog) injection is applicable. Surgical management usually consists of cutting open the skin over the afflicted cords and then excise and remove the fibrous tissue. The fingers can then be brought out to a certain length with the help of the performance of postoperative therapy. This procedure is not to be considered curative in the remaining unaffected fascia and may still develop Dupuytren's disease in the future, and in which case the patient may require repeat surgery.

Dupuytren's contracture Symptoms and Signs

In Dupuytren's disease, the connective tissues located within the patient's hand becomes abnormally thick, which then causes the fingers to develop into a definite curl, and often result in the impairment of the function of the fingers, particularly the small and ring fingers. It condition usually develop gradually on an onset, which often begins as a mere tender lump in the base of the palm. Over time, pain that is associated with the condition tends to go away, but the ough bands of tissue may continue to develop.

Dupuytren's contracture Causes

Correlations to men has smoking and drinking activity are mentions to be affected, and people of scandinavian or northern european ancestry are primarily affected especially those of Viking descent. Diabetes , thyroid, epilepsy, alcoholism, liver disease and pulmonary tuberculosis are also correlated to the causes of this disease.

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