Dumping Syndrome natural cures

Dumping Syndrome Definition

Dumping syndrome is characterized by a group of symptoms that are known to likely develop following a surgery that removes a certain part of the stomach. This is also known as the rapid emptying of the undigested contents in the stomach.

Dumping Syndrome Diagnosis

Diagnosis is usually performed by studying the patients medical history and evaluating signs and symptoms. Patients which have recently undergone a stomach injury are more likely to develop after a stomach injury.

Dumping Syndrome Treatment

Treatment plan for dumping syndrome may include dietary changes such as easting smaller meals, avoiding intake of fluids during meals, as well the consumption of more food that are low in carbohydrates. In advanced cases with patients experience serious sumptoms, surgery may be required.

Dumping Syndrome Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms of dumping syndrome include vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, fatigue, heart palpitations, bloating and belching, abdominal pain and cramps. Other symptoms may manifest on a later stage such as weakness and fatigue, fainting, mental confusion, shakiness, diarrhea, anxiety, and sweating.

Dumping Syndrome Causes
Dumping syndrome is usually caused after a surgery in the stomach that accelerates the digestion of the food in an abnormally rapid manner. However, there can be some underlying complications that may cause this sundrome.

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