Dry Socket natural cures

Dry Socket Definition

Dry socket is a form of dental condition that usually occurs when the site of the tooth extraction has dislodged the blood clot, thereby exposing the nerves and bones. This causes a more intensified pain. This dental complication is quite common after tooth extraction.

Dry Socket Diagnosis

A Diagnosis is performed by an oral surgeon or dentist performing a dental examination as well as interview of the symptoms. X-rays may also be conducted to rule out other possible conditions.

Dry Socket Treatment

Treatment for dry socket includes medicated dressings, flushing out of the socket and medication to manage the pain.

Dry Socket Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms of dry socket include the total or partial loss of the blood clot on the site of the extraction, visible bone in the socket, pain that tends to radiates from the socket to the eye or ear, pain that increases after two to three days. It can also cause an unpleasant taste in the mouth, swollen lymph nodes and bad breath.

Dry Socket Causes
The prices cause of a dry socket still remains unknown. However medical researchers believe it can arise due to some factors such as possible bacterial contamination, bone or root fragments that remain after surgery and traumatic tooth extraction.

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