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Dry Skin Definition

Dry skin is also known by a medical term xerosis, which is ordinarily not considered to be a serious problem. However, in most cases it can be rather unsightly or uncomfortable as it is known to shrivel plump skin cells creating wrinkles and fine lines.

Dry Skin Diagnosis

Diagnosis is typically based on physical examination, medical history of the patient and other factors such as bathing habits, diets and skin care regimen.

Dry Skin Treatment

A number of self-care measures can be done to treat dry skin, including the use of moisturizers to hydrate the skin as well as avoiding long baths and hot showers. Doctors may also prescribed medications such as lactic area creams to treat dry skin.

Dry Skin Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms for dry skin include tightness of the skin, the appearance of dehydrated or shrunken skin, rough texture, cracks and lines, deep fissures, flaking and scaling, and redness. Among the identified body parts that are more prone to dryness include the arms, sides of the abdomen and the lower legs.

Dry Skin Causes
There are a number of causes associated with dry skin. Some of the common factors include environmental exposure such as weather, central air-conditioning or heating, showers and hot baths, and harsh soaps. Other possible causes include psoriasis, thyroid disorders, dehydration and alcohol and drugs.

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