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Dry Mouth Definition

Dry mouth is also known as xerostomia, characterized by the abnormal lack of saliva resulting to the dryness of the mouth. This condition is quite common and can be a nuisance since it generally affects the sense of taste as well as the health of the teeth. An important reminder for people who regularly experience such condition is to seek medical help and not just simply ignore it.

Dry Mouth Diagnosis

Diagnosis includes oral examination as well as review of medical history of the patient. Blood tests as well as imaging scans of the salivary glands may also be conducted.

Dry Mouth Treatment

In treating dry mouth, the doctor needs to first determine the underlying cause of the condition. If it is brought about by medication, dosages are usually adjustment or ask patient to switch to another type of medication.

Dry Mouth Symptoms and Signs

Other than the usual sensation of an unusually dry mouth, saliva usually seems overly thick, cracked lips, sores and splits on the side of the mouth, sore throat, bad breath, difficulty in speaking, as well as significantly altered sense of taste.

Dry Mouth Causes
Normally, a person produced about three pints of saliva a day. The development of dry mouth is usually triggered with a number of factors, mainly the aging process, side-effects of medications as well as complications of other health-related problems. Other possible causes may include cancer treatment, nerve damage and underlying health conditions.

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