Dressler's Syndrome natural cures

Dressler's Syndrome Definition

Dressler's syndrome is the medical term that refers to the health complication that typically occurs after a heart surgery or heart attack. This is characterized by the inflammation of the pericardium or the sac that surrounds the heart. This is primarily caused by the reaction of the immune system after weeks or several days of contracting heart injury.

Dressler's Syndrome Diagnosis

Doctor diagnose Dressler's syndrome from the symptoms presented. Diagnostic test such as blood test, echocardiogram, and electrocardiogram are usually done to provide a more definitive diagnosis.

Dressler's Syndrome Treatment

Often, Dressler's syndrome heals on its own even without any form of treatment. However, doctors would usually recommend complete bed rest to give the body enough time to recover and heal naturally.

Dressler's Syndrome Symptoms and Signs

Dressler's syndrome results to a number of symptoms that usually manifest after a heart attack or surgery. This includes chest pains, fever, pain in the left shoulder as well as shortness of breath or even pain when breathing.",Medical experts believe that this medical condition is a reaction of the body's immune system after a heart injury

Dressler's Syndrome Causes
much like its reaction to an illness or a virus. The human body responds by sending out proteins called antibodies that are the underlying cause of the inflammation and causes the other symptoms associated with the condition."

Dressler's Syndrome by state

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