Dracunculiasis natural cures

Dracunculiasis Definition

Dracunculiasis also more commonly called and known by people as Guinea worm disease (GWD), is a kind of infection that is caused by the parasitic organism Dracunculus medinensis. It is also alternately known as "Guinea worm" or "Medina worm" or "fiery serpent" in English. The name reflects the word, which is Latin, Dracunculus. This means "little dragon".

Dracunculiasis Diagnosis

Several laboratory and physical examinations will be administered to a patient with suspected case of Dracunculiasis.

Dracunculiasis Treatment

The most widely used treatment for dracunculiasis is by wrapping the worm around a stick when the worm begins to emerge from the person's skin. This is done further a few centimeters perhaps everyday. It is important to avoid the worm from breaking because leaving behind a portion of the dead worm will increase risk of infection for the patient. Metronidazole or thiabendazole is also equally effective as the stick therapy.

Dracunculiasis Symptoms and Signs

There is no direct symptom for this disease, it only appears when the rupture of skin or blisters occur where the female worms emerges, usually in the lower limbs.

Dracunculiasis Causes
Drinking or exposure to contaminated water will cause a person to be infected with this condition. The female worms to release their larvae into the water. The larvae are then swallowed by fresh-water arthropods which are microscopic known as copepods or "water fleas" as others call it. Infection may occur when humans drink the contaminated water. In next 10-14 months, the female worms get fertilized by the male worm. The female continues to develops fully. The adult female is packed with very many larvae. There will be blisters on the skin where the worm will then emerge and causes a burning pain. To relieve the pain, people often soak the affected area in water. When submerged in water, the female worm then releases liquid with milky white appearance. It contains very many guinea worm larvae.

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