Double outlet right ventricle natural cures

Double outlet right ventricle Definition

Double Outlet Right Ventricle or DORV often coincides with a defect in the ventricular septal area (VSD), which is characterized by an opening in the heart septum which is not normally there. This allows the blood to pass in between the right and the left ventricles. In DORV, a VSD is helpful since it allows the blood carrying the oxygen from the left ventricle to pass to the right ventricle to other parts of the body but these blood mix with other blood poor in oxygen. As effect, the heart must work very hard in order to maintain proper and adequate circulation.

Double outlet right ventricle Diagnosis

To diagnose the disease, cardiologist will perform physical examination by listening to the lungs and the heart and also take note of other observations which may help in the diagnosis. Also a combination of medical tests are also administered to diagnose these defects like Cardiac characterization, Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging, and Echocardiogram.

Double outlet right ventricle Treatment

Treatment for DORV are determined basing on your child's age, overall health and history (medical), or how your doctor expects the condition may develop more, how bas is the condition, tolerance of your child for different procedures, specific medications, or therapies. You will also be asked for your opinion on the matter. The best treatment a surgery to connect the aorta to the LV. There are several different approaches for this surgery. One of these methods is the intraventricular repair.

Double outlet right ventricle Symptoms and Signs

The most common symptoms of DORV defects are as follows but some or each child may manifest symptoms differently. It includes fatigue, blue skin color, child seems not interested to eat, very poor gain of weight, heart murmurs, congested or heavy breathing, cyanosis, sweating, short and rapid breathing.

Double outlet right ventricle Causes
The defect usually forms during the first 8 weeks of development of the fetus. Some congenital defects of the heart may have been linked genetically. It occurs either because of a defective gene say an abnormality in the chromosome, or it may be aroused by the different environmental exposure that may cause DORV to occur.

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