Dominant Ichthyosis vulgaris natural cures

Dominant Ichthyosis vulgaris Definition

Ichthyosis vulgaris is a disorder tha occurs in the skin causing it to be dry, with scaly appearance. It is considered to be the most common form of skin disorder (ichthyosis) that affects one in every 250 people. Because of this, it is also called common ichthyosis. Some refer to it as fish skin disease because of its scaly characteristics. Usually, it is an autosomal inherited disease and often dominant. Often times, it is also associated with filaggrin. Although there is another version of this disease which is non-heritable but does not occur often. It is called acquired ichthyosis vulgaris.

Dominant Ichthyosis vulgaris Diagnosis

Differential diagnosis are often applied to both inherited and non-inherited cases of Ichthyosis vulgaris. Laboratory tests on skin tissue samples are also being administered with careful monitoring of the patient.

Dominant Ichthyosis vulgaris Treatment

Various topical treatments are available to "exfoliate" the scales. These include various lotions that contain alpha-hydroxy acids.

Dominant Ichthyosis vulgaris Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms of inherited Ichthyosis vulgaris often manifest themselves when children reach four years of age. These symptoms improve as the child becomes older. These symptoms may grow even more severe during old age. The acquired Ichthyosis vulgaris condition, in the other hand, usually manifest during adulthood. Severe cases, which is very rare, also exist. These cases would entail skin scaling everywhere in the bdoy. Areas, however, that have greatest concentration of the sweat glands are not always affected whereas areas where the skin often rubs against other skin, such as the groins, arm pits. The "folded" areas of the knees area and elbow are also less affected. When the scales build up is really bad, the person suffering a very severe case would often suffer "prickly itch". At this rate, he or she really needs to sweat. This becomes difficult, however, because of the build up of scales.

Dominant Ichthyosis vulgaris Causes
This condition is often inherited and are usually dominant genes. Acquired ichthyosis occurs very rarely and it must be viewed as a symptom of other diseases in the system, which also includes malignancy. Most cases, though, are attributed to the use or exposure of a person to certain medications tha can trigger the disease.

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