Dizziness in children natural cures

Dizziness in children Definition

Dizziness is common sensation characterized by unsteadiness and a moving vision of one's surroundings. Children, like adults, may experience dizziness every once in a while.

Dizziness in children Diagnosis

Dizziness is diagnosed based on the symptoms experienced by the patient.

Dizziness in children Treatment

Treatment for dizziness can be done by taking analgesics. The underlying cause of dizziness should be treated as well.

Dizziness in children Symptoms and Signs

Children who experience dizziness usually feel a woozy. They also sometimes faint and suffer from headaches.

Dizziness in children Causes
Dizziness in children is caused by many factors. They may have experienced sudden trauma or injury prior to feeling dizzy. Viral infections may contribute to dizziness, such as infection of the inner ear.

Dizziness in children by state

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