Diverticulitis natural cures

Diverticulitis Definition

Diverticulitis is a very common disease in the digestive system, specifically in the large intestine. This disorder developed from diverticulosis involving the formation of diverticula on the colon particularly on the outside part. It occurs if one of these many pouches or diverticula swells.

Diverticulitis Diagnosis

Differential diagnosis are often employed to diagnose this disease. It includes testing for ischemic colitis, colon cancer, irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease. Bleeding from the rectum or anus has also been reported by some patients and they are studied with a CT scan.

Diverticulitis Treatment

An acute diverticulitis is often treated through a conservative medical treatment/management which includes bowel rest like no food intake by mouth, fluid resuscitation through the IV, and employment of antibiotics, broad-spectrum usually to take care of the anaerobic bacteria and the gram-negative rods. Surgery may also be required for acute attacks that are recurring or some complications that may have aroused. Low residue diets will also be placed on the patients, after, patients are then exposed to a high-fiber diet. In some special cases, surgery is required to take out the affected area of the colon especially for patients who had repeated episodes are likely to benefit from the surgery.

Diverticulitis Symptoms and Signs

Often times, patients with this disease manifest symptoms like abdominal pain which is most common. Patients may also feel tenderness in the abdomen, or around the lower left side. If infection occurs, the patient will likely experience vomiting, fever, chills, and constipation. Nausea and cramping may occur as well.

Diverticulitis Causes
It is thought that the development of the colonic diverticulum is a result of an increase in the pressure of the intraluminal colon. Low dietary fiber, particularly non-soluble fiber was thought to have a role in the predisposing of people to diverticular disease as also supported by the medical literature. The blockage, mechanical, of a diverticulum or diverticula by a piece of feces or insoluble particles of food will at a point lead to infection.

Diverticulitis by state

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