Distal myopathy natural cures

Distal myopathy Definition

Distal Myopathy are also known as distal muscular dysrtophy is a hereditary disease that causes weakness of muscuskeletal system at the distal area, it includes the hands and the feet .There are Different types of distal myopathy: the miyoshi myopathy, limp-girdle muscular dystrophy, welander distal myopathy and distal myopathy with anterior tibial onset.

Distal myopathy Diagnosis

Family assessment should be done help identify history of Distal Myopathy, electromyography is a test that measures electric response in the muscles, and immunologic and molecular testing shows mutation of genes. Muscle biopsy and serum creatine kinase test also helpful in diagnosing Distal Myopathy.

Distal myopathy Treatment

Distal Myopathy has no treatment and remedies to stop progressive muscle impairments. But there are orthopedics assistive devices that help patient to perform her/his activity daily living, exercise like active and passive ROM also help to prevent further weakness and contractures, proper nutrition intake and surgery to correct contractures and preserve patient mobility and independence.

Distal myopathy Symptoms and Signs

Distal Myopathy causes progressive deterioration of muscle weakness, from distal legs to knees and intrinsic muscles of the hand, sensation is loss, speech defect, difficulty in swallowing, absent tendon reflex, deformity of the foot and sometimes tremors even at rest.

Distal myopathy Causes
It is caused by various defects from genetic coding of a person.

Distal myopathy by state

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