Dissociative Amnesia natural cures

Dissociative Amnesia Definition

Dissociative Amnesia is characterized by the pervasive loss of one's memory on a significant personal information. Unlike other forms of amnesia, in this case, the person is unconsciously blocking out a particular traumatic or stressful memory and does not result from any medical trauma.

Dissociative Amnesia Diagnosis

To make a diagnosis, doctors usually study the symptoms of the patient, along with physical examination and interview. Laboratory tests may also be done to eliminate other forms of neurological disorders.

Dissociative Amnesia Treatment

Treatment approach for Dissociative Amnesia is primarily focused on restoring memory loss. This is usually done through hypnosis, medications and therapy.

Dissociative Amnesia Symptoms and Signs

The predominant disturbance is the primary symptoms of Dissociative Amnesia, along with the inability to recall an important personal information but cannot be explained by ordinary forgetfulness. Such condition can cause significant distress as well as possible impairment of the person's social or occupational functions.

Dissociative Amnesia Causes
Dissociative amnesia is typically caused by stress that may be associated with some serious traumatic experiences witnessed or endured. This may include physical and sexual abuse, abandonment, conflict, rape, natural disasters, financial troubles and death of a loved one. It is believed that there are certain people who are predisposed to amnesia as the mind's way to escaping from a certain traumatic event.

Dissociative Amnesia by state

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