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Dislocation Definition

A point where two or more of your bones come together is called a joint. An injury to your joint in which the ends of your bones are forced from their normal positions is called a dislocation. As a result from the injury which temporarily immobilizes and deforms your joint you may experience sudden and severe pain.

Dislocation Diagnosis

Doctors may order for an X-ray or for an MRI aside from physically examining your injury in order to diagnose the dislocation of your joint.

Dislocation Treatment

Depending on the site and severity of your injury, the doctor may try gentle maneuvers to help your bones back into position as treatment for the dislocation through the process called reduction. It would also depend on the amount of swelling and pain and you may need a local anesthetic before the manipulation of your bones.

Dislocation Symptoms and Signs

The signs and symptoms of a dislocated joint may be immovable, visibly deformed or out of place, intensely painful and swollen or discolored. The numbness or tingling near the injury may also be experienced such as in your hand for a dislocated elbow or in your foot for a dislocated knee.

Dislocation Causes
Dislocations are caused by sports injuries which are common like in football and hockey and those that involve falls such as downhill skiing and gymnastics. Other causes of dislocations involve falls and trauma not related to sports.

Dislocation by state

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