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Dislocated Shoulder Definition

Your shoulders are prone to injury as they have the ability to move in any directions and they are your body's most mobile joints. An injury in which your upper arm bone pops out of the cup-shaped socket that's part of your shoulder blade is called a dislocated shoulder.

Dislocated Shoulder Diagnosis

Aside from physically examining your shoulder, the doctor may try using an X-ray to show the dislocation and reveal broken bones. The doctor may also use MRI and electromyography in order to measure the electrical discharges produced in your muscles.

Dislocated Shoulder Treatment

Putting your shoulder bones back into place is one treatment for a dislocated shoulder. The doctor may help your shoulder bones back into their proper positions by trying some gentle maneuvers through the process called closed reduction. But if your dislocated shoulder bones can't be moved back into position by closed reduction, a surgical manipulation (open reduction) may be necessary.

Dislocated Shoulder Symptoms and Signs

The signs and symptoms of a dislocated shoulder may include swelling or discoloration (bruising), a visibly deformed or out of place shoulder, inability to move the joint and intense pain. Often increasing the intensity of your pain are your muscles in your shoulder that may spasm from the disruption.

Dislocated Shoulder Causes
The causes of a dislocated shoulder may be from sports injuries such as in contact sports like football and hockey, falls, such as from a ladder and trauma not related to sports such as a hard blow to your shoulder during a motor vehicle accident.

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