Diarrhoea natural cures

Diarrhoea Definition

Diarrhoea in children is a condition where children suffer from loose bowel movement. Watery, semisolid stool is released frequently during the onset of the condition. When not treated, this can lead to dehydration.

Diarrhoea Diagnosis

The condition is diagnosed by the symptoms exhibited by the patient.

Diarrhoea Treatment

Distilled water therapy is given to children affected by diarrhea. Medications that reduce the loose bowel movement are also administered. When not treated, the condition can lead to more serious diseases such as cholera.

Diarrhoea Symptoms and Signs

Among the symptoms of diarrhea in children are loose, watery stools, frequent, uncontrollable stool excretion, and abdominal spasms.

Diarrhoea Causes
Diarrhoea in children can be a result of digestion of spoiled food, consumption of contaminated water, as well as poor sanitation.

Diarrhoea by state

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