Diaper Rash natural cures

Diaper Rash Definition

After solid foods are added to your baby's diet, when your baby is taking antibiotics or when breast-feeding mothers eat certain foods are the common factors for babies to have diaper rash - a common form of inflamed skin (dermatitis).

Diaper Rash Treatment

Keeping your baby's skin as dry and clean as possible is the best treatment for diaper rash. Your doctor may prescribe a mild hydrocortisone or an antifungal cream as a diaper rash treatment if it still persists during home treatment.

Diaper Rash Symptoms and Signs

The symptoms characterizing diaper rash are skin symptoms, which is marked by red, puffy and tender skin in the diaper region, usually in the buttocks, genitals or thighs; and changes in your baby's disposition, where you may notice that your baby is more uncomfortable than usual especially during diaper changes, letting him or her cry or fuss when the diaper area is touched or washed.

Diaper Rash Causes

Tracing a number of sources, a diaper rash can be caused by introduction of new foods, where changes in your baby's diet include the increase of the frequency of stools; irritation from stool or urine, where he or she is experiencing frequent bowel movements; irritation from a new product such as disposable swipes; and bacterial or yeast (fungal) infection as to what begins as a simple skin infection may spread to the surrounding region covered by the diaper. Other causes include the use of antibiotics and having a sensitive skin as well.

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