Diabetic neuropathies natural cures

Diabetic neuropathies Definition

Diabetic neuropathies is a microvascular trauma that involves capillaries and venoules that provides blood and nutrients to the nerves, it is cause by diabetes melllitus.

Diabetic neuropathies Diagnosis

Diabetic neuropathy diagnosis is base on symptoms and a physical exam. Electromyography and ultrasound of the arteries also diagnosed the disease.

Diabetic neuropathies Treatment

The goal of the treatment of diabetic neurapathy is to interrupt the pathologic process of the disease to prevent complications and to minimize pain and other symptoms. Such as tight glucose control is the treatment of sensorimotor polyneuropathy, trycyclic antidepressant helps decrease painful symptoms of the disease but dependent patient may suffer its side effects, antiepileptic drugs, which is the first line treatment to be given for painful neuropathy. Other treatments are Methylcobalamin is a vitamine B12 ,alpha-lioic acid an anti-oxidant, Photo Energy Therapy dilates apilaries and venoules and vegan diet with moderate walking exercise.

Diabetic neuropathies Symptoms and Signs

The clinical manifestation of Diabetic Neuropathy is depend on the affected nerve(s). Common symptoms are numbness of extremities, decrease or loss of sensation, dirrhea, erectile dysfunction, urinary incontenince, impotence, vision changes, dizziness, muscle weakness, dysphagia, fasciculation, and electric stabbing pain or numbness in the extremities.

Diabetic neuropathies Causes
Diabetis mellitus is the usual cause of diabetic neuropathy. Other factors, like age, cigarette smoking, hypertension, height and hyperlipidemia can also precipitate diabetic neuropathy.

Diabetic neuropathies by state

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