Diabetic Hyperosmolar Syndrome natural cures

Diabetic Hyperosmolar Syndrome Definition

Diabetic hyperosmolar syndrome is characterized by an abnormally high blood sugar, ranging up to 600 milligrams per deciliter. In this case, the blood becomes syrupy and thick. This excess sugar in the blood passes on to the urine, which then triggers the filtering process, which will draw a great amount of fluid from the body.

Diabetic Hyperosmolar Syndrome Diagnosis

Diagnosis is based on the blood sugar level that reaches 600 mg/dL or even higher. The nitrogen and the creatinine levels are also checked to make sure the kidneys are still working properly.

Diabetic Hyperosmolar Syndrome Treatment

This medical condition requires emergency treatment without a few hours through the administration of intravenous fluid. This is done to restore the fluids in the tissues as well as other supplements loss during the ailment. Any underlying infections need to be diagnosed and treated.

Diabetic Hyperosmolar Syndrome Symptoms and Signs

Diabetic hyperosmolar syndrome usually takes several days to weeks to develop. Symptoms include excessive thirst, high blood sugar level, vision loss, increase urination, parched mouth, and weakness on one side of the body.

Diabetic Hyperosmolar Syndrome Causes
Diabetic hyperosmolar syndrome is usually triggered by illness as part of its complications, an underlying form of infection, substance abuse, not following diabetes treatment plan may also be triggered by some medications.

Diabetic Hyperosmolar Syndrome by state

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