Diabetic Dermopathy natural cures

Diabetic Dermopathy Definition

Diabetic dermopathy is also commonly known as shin spots or the pigmented pretibial patches. This is a skin condition that is usually found to develop on the lower legs of people who have diabetes. This medical condition is often the result of changes in the small blood vessel, which are primarily responsible in supplying the skin blood products.

Diabetic Dermopathy Diagnosis

Diagnosis is based on the skin condition done by physical examination. In most cases, the blood sugar is also checked.

Diabetic Dermopathy Treatment

There is actually no known treatment for diabetic dermopathy. However physicians usually advise the patient to closely control and monitor the blood sugar and help manage diabetes better.

Diabetic Dermopathy Symptoms and Signs

Diabetic dermopathy often appears as pink or tan patches, and are known to be most frequently to grow on the lower legs. The patches are often slightly scaly in texture and are usually round or oval in shape. Unlike other skin conditions, diabetic dermopathy is not itchy or cause any discomfort.

Diabetic Dermopathy Causes
The primary cause of diabetic dermopathy is said to be a type of angiitis, which is a form of vascular inflammation that affects the small blood vessels of the skin. It can also appear on diabetics after a trauma to the lower leg.

Diabetic Dermopathy by state

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