Diabetes, insulin dependent natural cures

Diabetes, insulin dependent Definition

Diabetis insulin dependent is also known as diabetes mellitus type 1. This is a chronic disorder of our system's failure to produce inadequate amount of insulin. Characteristics of this disease is loss of the beta cells which are responsible for producing insulin. These cells are found in the islets of Langerhans in our pancreas. This loss leads to insulin deficiency. There is no known measure to prevent this disease. Affected people mostly are healthy when this disease occurs. The cells sensitivity and responsiveness to insulin are not abnormal. This type of diabetes can affect both children or adults, although it was previously called "juvenile diabetes" as it usually affects children.

Diabetes, insulin dependent Diagnosis

Screening for this disease should begin at the age of 45 and repeated every three years there after for people without risk factors. For those with risk factors it and begin earlier and repeated often . People who are obese, have first-degree relatives who have the disease, suffer hypertension, have hypertriglyceridemia or a history of having abnormal glucose homeostasis.

Diabetes, insulin dependent Treatment

To treat this disease, insulin supply is being given to the patients either through pump, injection or a form of insulin that can be inhaled. Diet and exercise is also being encouraged by physicians especially for patients with unhealthy weights. Diet includes less carbohydrate-rich food intake. Treatments are often continues and patients' blood sugar level are carefully monitored.

Diabetes, insulin dependent Symptoms and Signs

Generally, the symptoms for any form of diabetes is frequent release of large amounts of sweet urine, polydipsia or the urge to drink a lot of liquids or being too thirsty at most times, and polyphagia or increased appetite. Type 1 diabetes may also cause a rather significant loss of weight over just a short period of time even if the patient eats normally or more. Patients also experience irreducible stress or fatigue.

Diabetes, insulin dependent Causes
This condition is caused by the loss of cells producing insulin, specifically in our pancreas.

Diabetes, insulin dependent by state

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