DES Syndrome natural cures

DES Syndrome Definition

DES syndrome is a term used to describe the abnormalities suffered by an infant due to diethylstilbestrol (DES) medications the mother used to take during pregnancy to avoid miscarriage.

DES Syndrome Diagnosis

DES syndrome can be diagnosed under a pelvic exam, PAP smears and colposcopy. Physical examination can be done to males affected by the disorder.

DES Syndrome Treatment

Surgical correction cannot be done to treat the disorder. However, when an affected woman incurs uterine cancer, the affected organs can be surgically removed.

DES Syndrome Symptoms and Signs

Females affected by the DES syndrome may encounter certain abnormalities in the vagina, uterus and cervix; males meanwhile have penile dysfunctions.

DES Syndrome Causes
The disorder is a side effect of DES medications while a woman is pregnant. DES is a drug used to prevent one from having a miscarriage.

DES Syndrome by state

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