Dermatophytids natural cures

Dermatophytids Definition

Dermatophytids are skin lesions and erruptions that is occurs as an allergic reaction to the ringworm infections. These lesions, however are free of fungal forms and are generally vesicular, and papular in some cases. Dermatophytes often occur in the feet and hands. It also resembles erythema nodosum

Dermatophytids Diagnosis

Physicians can easily diagnose lesions onsight by examining the parts of the body that may have manifested ringworm patches. They may also take skin samples from the affected area and examine the samples through a microscope or agar plate and allowed to grow to easily identify the ringword organism.

Dermatophytids Treatment

To treat Dermatophytids, the primary ringworm causing the reaction should be treated first, then it just disappears normally. Clinical studies also suggests the use of cortocosteriods as effective in treating the disease. Other treatments include the use of topical anti-fungal pills that contains clotrimazole, miconazole, butenafine, terbinafine, and tolnaftate. Some products that contains Pyrithione zinc like the Head and Shoulders shampoo is also proven to effectively treat ringworm in the scalp and body as well. Terbinafine is also a new treatment for children from ages 4 and up.

Dermatophytids Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms include lessions in the hands and feet that usually appear in small water-filled rashes.

Dermatophytids Causes
The cause of the lesions of dermatophytids is believed to be our system's allergic reaction often associated to fungal infections like ringworms.

Dermatophytids by state

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