Dermatographic urticaria natural cures

Dermatographic urticaria Definition

Dermatographic urticaria is a disorder of the skin characterized by swelling of the skin when rubbed with dull objects. The swelling is caused by mast cells in the surface of the skin causing the release of histamines without antigens because of weak membranes that surrounds the mast cells. This disease is also called dermatographism or skin writing. This is not a life threatening disease.

Dermatographic urticaria Treatment

Dermatographic urticaria can be treated by cromolyn or mast cell stabilizer. Another treatment also includes anithistamines which prevents the histamine from causing the swelling.

Dermatographic urticaria Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms include swelling of the skin which can be mistaken as an allergic reaction to the object being rubbed againts the skin causing scratches. It is often accompanied with a sensation of itchiness or burning.

Dermatographic urticaria Causes

The underlying cause of this disease is not yet known, although some studies suggests it can be caused by fitting or abrasive clothing, glasses, watches, cold, stress, heat, torid kissing or anything that may cause skin stress.

Dermatographic urticaria by state

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