Dermatographia natural cures

Dermatographia Definition

Lightly scratching your skin that may cause red lines on the area where you've scratched is a condition called dermatographia. It can be uncomfortable though it's not serious. Upon scratching, the skin cells are overly sensitive to minor injury with this kind of disorder.

Dermatographia Diagnosis

A simple test such as drawing a tongue depressor across the skin of your back or your arm may be done by your doctor to diagnose this disorder. You may have dermatographia if a welt (wheal) or a red, swollen line appears within a few minutes after the test.

Dermatographia Treatment

Antihistamine medications may be recommended by your doctor if the disorder becomes severe or bothersome. The inflammatory chemical released by an individual's immune system during allergic reactions called histamine may be blocked by these drugs. But usually, the treatment of dermatographia isn't generally necessary for its symptoms naturally go away on their own.

Dermatographia Symptoms and Signs

The signs and symptoms that trigger dermatographia may be from sunlight, cold, heat, emotion and pressure. It may also be triggered like rubbing your bed sheets or clothes on your skin. Within a few minutes, you may notice the symptoms from your skin that's being scratched or rubbed.

Dermatographia Causes
Dermatographia may be caused by an allergic response although the exact cause of the disorder isn't clear yet.

Dermatographia by state

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