Dermatofibroma natural cures

Dermatofibroma Definition

Dermatofibroma is a lesion or a dermal tumor, mostly benign, laid ot by fibroblasts. It is characterized by hard papules in different colors ranging from brown to tan. In some cases, Dermatofibroma can become itchy and tender. It is also believed to be a reaction of the skin to previous injuries. Some are rare malignant fibrohistocytic tumors whuch are usually deep penetrating.

Dermatofibroma Treatment

Treating is only recommended by physicians if the lesions always gets in the way of shaving and gets irritated. Surgical excision can be performed. In some studies, another way of treating the disease is by using a 600 nm Pulsed Dye Laser which also showed positive results and provides better cosmetic outcomes compared to excision.

Dermatofibroma Symptoms and Signs

Symptom include lesions in the skin which are brown in color to tan. It can be itchy and tender in some cases.

Dermatofibroma by state

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