Dermatitis, Perioral natural cures

Dermatitis, Perioral Definition

Perioral dermatitis is characterized as a type of facial rash that usually tends to occur just around the mouth region. Most skin condition manifests as red and often slightly bumpy or scaly in texture. It can gradually spread up around the nose area, and even move up to the eyes.

Dermatitis, Perioral Diagnosis

Dermatologists usually diagnose the condition by physical examination.

Dermatitis, Perioral Treatment

When washing the face, it is best to use mild soaps to prevent further irritation, scrubbing the area should also be avoided. It is important to identify the product that causes the skin ion condition and stop using the irritant. A topical antibacterial cream or lotion may also be used to provide immediate relief.

Dermatitis, Perioral Symptoms and Signs

The primary symptoms of this skin condition are the growth of small red or oink bumps as well as very tiny lesions that are filled with pus around the mouth area. The bumps may also grow around the eyes as well as the nose, and appear to be overly dry and flaky skin.

Dermatitis, Perioral Causes
Medical experts believe there is more than one single cause for Perioral dermatitis. Among the most common factors identified is the prolonged use of the topical steroid as well as the use of steroid sprays as inhaled prescriptions. Other causative agents include fluorinated toothpastes , face creams and moisturizers.

Dermatitis, Perioral by state

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