Depersonalization Disorder natural cures

Depersonalization Disorder Definition

Depersonalization Disorder (DPD) is a special type of dissociative disorder where an afflicted individual suffers from recurrent and resistant feelings of depersonalization. This is characterized by a sense of automation as well as the feeling of disconnection from the body, often making it difficult to relate to reality.

Depersonalization Disorder Diagnosis

Diagnosis is usually based on several interviews of the patient and scales to determine the triggering factors of the condition. This will help doctors gauge the patient's experience to determine if it has something to do with his current mental state.

Depersonalization Disorder Treatment

Up until today, there is still no available treatment for this type of mental ailment. However, medical experts recommend psychotherapeutic techniques that can help treat patients and manage their difficulty in relating to reality.

Depersonalization Disorder Symptoms and Signs

The core symptom of depersonalization disorder primarily includes the rather subjective experience of unreality. Reported cases claim that patients seem to watch themselves at a distance as well as undergoing out of body experiences.

Depersonalization Disorder Causes
Depersonalization disorder has believed to be closely associated with childhood interpersonal trauma. This may be brought about by emotional abuse that has caused a significant impact on the person, enough to disassociate himself from reality. Other contributing factors may include stress, panic, depression, and ingestion of hallucinogens and marijuana.

Depersonalization Disorder by state

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