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Demodicidosis Definition

Demodicidosis is an infection that's parasitic, caused by Demodex mite that normally lives without risk in hair follicles, particularly those on one's facial area. This mite may cause manifestations in immunocompromised people. The mites implant themselves in one's skin or hair follicles. An infestation of an abnormally huge number of this mite, typically associated with improper skin cleansing, can have a 'rosacea-like' appearance.

Demodicidosis Diagnosis

Diagnosis of the disease can include physical examination and tests. Identifying the presence of Demodex mite involves examination of the skin under very strong 'cross-lighting' together with the help of binocular magnifiers.

Demodicidosis Treatment

Demodicidosis responds quickly to external treatments, which can consist of daily face and skin cleansing with water and soap, as well as the application of compound sulfur ointment for some weeks.

Demodicidosis Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms of the disease may include itchiness, skin nodules, skin bumps, and persistent eruption of the skin follicle.

Demodicidosis Causes
Demodex mite causes the infection. These mites embed themselves in a person's skin or hair follicles, which leads to the symptoms of the infections. Factors that appear significant in producing an increase in mites include too much use of cosmetics like powders and creams, as well as failure in proper skin cleansing.

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