Cyclothymic Disorder natural cures

Cyclothymic Disorder Definition

Cyclothymic disorder also called as cyclothymia, is a mild form of bipolar disorder; a chronic mood disorder causing emotional ups and downs. The condition is usually characterized by short episodes of emotional highs when feeling on top of the world followed by extremely low feeling that can possibly lead to hopelessness or suicide, if left uncontrolled.

Cyclothymic Disorder Diagnosis

Physical exam, laboratory tests, and psychological evaluation are essential in diagnosing cyclothymic disorder.

Cyclothymic Disorder Treatment

Medications that can help control cyclothymic disorder include mood stabilizers for mood regulations like Lithium, anti-convulsants to avoid mood swings like valproic acid and anti-psychotic medications like olanzapine. Psychotherapy such as cognitive behavioral therapy, group therapy and family therapy is an essential part of cyclothymic disorder treatment.

Cyclothymic Disorder Symptoms and Signs

Sporadic patterns of emotional highs and lows are the most prominent symptom of cyclothymic disorder. Highs of cyclothymic disorder are manifested by symptoms including remarkable cheerful mood, very high self-esteem, extreme hopefulness, aggressive and risky behavior, increased drive to perform activities and achieve goals, and inability to sleep and concentrate. Lows of cyclothymic disorder is marked by remarkable depression represented by symptoms including suicidal thoughts, anxiety, sadness, extremely low self-confidence, loss of interest in performing activities, irritability, loss of appetite, and chronic pain with no known cause.

Cyclothymic Disorder Causes
The specific cause of cyclothymic disorder is not known but the condition can be a result of combination of contributory factors including genetics, alterations in brain chemistry, and environment.

Cyclothymic Disorder by state

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