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Cyclothymia Definition

Cyclothymia is also known by the medical term cyclothymic disorder. This disease is characterized by a mild type of bipolar disorder. Similar to bipolar disorder, cyclothymia is known as a chronic mood disorder that results to emotional highs and lows. Patients with this condition experience short periods of emotional ups believing they are on top of the world and followed by emotional downs that often leave them feeling suicidal and depressed.

Cyclothymia Diagnosis

Diagnosis of this medical condition involves physical examination, laboratory tests and psychological evaluation.

Cyclothymia Treatment

Cyclothymia is categorized as a long-term condition that will require permanent treatment, administered by a qualified mental health provider. This condition increases the risk of developing bipolar tendencies. Medications include some mood stabilizers, anti-seizure medications and antidepressants.

Cyclothymia Symptoms and Signs

Cyclothymia symptoms are often characterized by the sporadic patterns of emotional swings. The highs of cyclothymia are known as hypomania, which is a milder form of mania. On the other hand, the lows consist of mild to moderate forms of depression. However, the main difference between cyclothymia and bipolar is the fact that with this condition, the patient does not lose touch of reality. Symptoms include extreme optimism, inflated self-esteem, unusual cheerfulness, rapid speech, racing thoughts, agitation, inconsiderate to others, spending sprees, increased sexual drive, and poor judgment. On emotional lows, patients experience extreme sadness, fatigue, Suicidal behavior and thoughts, anxiety, guilt and the general feeling of hopelessness.

Cyclothymia Causes
It's not largely unknown the specific causes of cyclothymia. As with some other mental disorders, research have shown that it may be a result to the combination of these three factors: biochemical processes of the body, genetics and environment.

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