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Cretinism Definition

When not remedied, congenital deficiency of thyroid hormones causes cretinism, a disorder characterized by extremely stunted physical and mental growth.

Cretinism Diagnosis

To diagnose the condition, newborn screening should be performed on the infant.

Cretinism Treatment

There are a variety of medicines that are prescribed and appropriate for infants with cretinism including thyroxine and T4 tablets. Progress should be closely monitored every two to three weeks during the early stages of life.

Cretinism Symptoms and Signs

Cretinism may stunt growth, delay bone maturity and puberty. Ovulation in these cases is impeded and infertility is quite typical. Neurological impairment are usually mild, along with the display of reduced coordination and muscle, it can be so severe that the person suffer the difficulty to stand or walk. Cognitive impairment can also range from mild to extremely severe resulting forthe person to be nonverban and may be largely dependent on others to provide basic care.

Cretinism Causes
Cretinism results from a diet deficient in iodine. Iodine is recognized as an essential trace element that is highly necessary primarily to perform the synthesis of thyroid hormones. Although iodine is found in many foods, it is not universally present in all soils in adequate amounts, making iodine deficiency a problem worldwide. The soils of majprity of the inland areas on most continents are typically iodine deficient, resulting to plants and animals grown in the area to be correspondingly deficient.

Cretinism by state

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