Conn's Syndrome natural cures

Conn's Syndrome Definition

Conn's syndrome is an infection of the adrenal glands, wherein there is too much 'aldosterone' hormone secretion. The hormone is responsible for regulation of chief bodily functions, for instance blood pressure, correct electrolyte balance, and secondary water retention. The excessive secretion increases potassium loss and raises sodium re-absorption. The condition is also known as primary hyperaldosteronism.

Conn's Syndrome Diagnosis

A doctor diagnoses Conn's syndrome by history, medical examination, and performing blood tests. Analyzing history includes illnesses, symptoms, surgeries, medications, habits, allergies, and family. Blood tests may show high levels of aldosterone, low blood acidity, and hypokalemia. The most thorough approach of diagnosis is measuring blood levels of renin and aldosterone.

Conn's Syndrome Treatment

A tumor that's present in just one of the adrenal glands is surgically removed. Tumors in both glands are treated with medical therapy. Medications that are potassium-sparing diuretics and ACR inhibitors are recommended. Low-salt diet is also suggested, as well exercise and avoiding alcohol and tobacco. Treatment is generally successful.

Conn's Syndrome Symptoms and Signs

High blood pressure or hypertension is often the major, and most often the single sign of the condition. Other symptoms include headache, high blood pressure, fatigue, muscle weakness, numbness, fatigue, and intermittent paralysis.

Conn's Syndrome Causes
Adrenal glands' tumors are the major cause of Conn's syndrome.

Conn's Syndrome by state

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