Conjunctivitis natural cures

Conjunctivitis Definition

Conjunctivitis is an infection or inflammation of the eyelids' membrane lining known as conjunctiva. This tissue aids in maintaining the eyeball and eyelid moist. The disease is among the most treatable and widespread infections in adults and children. It is also frequently called "pink eye".

Conjunctivitis Diagnosis

Conjunctivitis can be diagnosed through eye examination, as well as taking a swab of conjunctiva for tests.

Conjunctivitis Treatment

Treatment will depend on the cause. Allergic conjunctivitis can respond to treatment of its underlying allergies, or can disappear by itself when its allergen cause is removed. Cold compress can be soothing for allergic conjunctivitis. Other treatments for the disease include antibiotics, protecting the eyes from irritants, removing contact lenses, and washing the eyelids and face with baby shampoo or mild soap.

Conjunctivitis Symptoms and Signs

The following symptoms manifest with the disease: redness in the eye's inner eyelid or white of eye; more quantity of tears; itchy eyes; blurred vision; burning eyes; increased light sensitivity; thick, yellowish discharge crusting over one's eyelashes, particularly after sleep; and other eye discharge.

Conjunctivitis Causes
Bacteria, virus, fungi, chlamydia, allergies, and irritants cause Conjunctivitis. Tears aid in protecting the conjunctiva through cleansing away bacteria; it also contains antibodies and enzymes that exterminate bacteria.

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