Congestive Heart Disease natural cures

Congestive Heart Disease Definition

Congestive heart disease is a disorder that may result from any type of functional or structural disease, which impairs the heart's ability to pump or fill sufficient quantity of blood all through the body. The term "congestive" is taken from blood 'backing up' or 'congesting' into the abdomen, liver, lungs, and lower extremities.

Congestive Heart Disease Diagnosis

Diagnosis may include careful analysis of medical history, physical examination, blood tests, ECG, chest X-ray, ejection fraction, and echocardiogram.

Congestive Heart Disease Treatment

The condition needs lifetime management. Although, a failing heart may become stronger and symptoms may improve with proper treatment. Some doctors can correct the condition through treating its underlying cause. Treatments may include medications, medical devices, and surgery.

Congestive Heart Disease Symptoms and Signs

The condition usually develops gradually and is long-term; however, an affected individual may experience sudden start of symptoms, identified as acute heart failure. Heart disease may be 'asymptomatic' or can cause manifestations that range from mild to serious. Most common symptoms include shortness of breath, chest pain, fatigue, and even heart attack.

Congestive Heart Disease Causes
Congestive heart disease often develops after some other conditions have weakened or damaged the heart. Eventually, the heart may no longer be able to sustain the normal demands required of it. Some conditions may cause congestive heart disease, such as hypertension, cardiomyopathy, and other diseases.

Congestive Heart Disease by state

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